Get Application Maintenance and Support for Your Business

Product Maintenance



Software, even when past its growth phase, needs bug fixing, troubleshooting and micro-enhancements support in order to keep the current installed user base satisfied. This is a big problem for product companies since a significant investment of resources is required to support the user-base until they migrate to newer versions. Additionally and more importantly, for software product companies this takes valuable time away from core product development.

i-CTC provides an Outsourced Maintenance & Support service that helps our clients support their existing products and customers cost effectively, while concentrating their in-house expertise in building new products or versions and marketing them.

Some of the Scenarios where our customers have successfully used this model are:

Legacy Platform

The product is on an old technology-set /platform and it is not cost-effective to keep in-house resources on these technologies

Older Product Version

There is already a new version out in the market but the current user base of the older version needs to be supported for some length of time

Keep-alive or
dead product line

Product lines where there is minimal activity in terms of adding new features but bug-fixing or small feature enhancement requests are required

32_project-recovery-approachOur Approach

We engage with our Clients to understand the maintenance needs and subsequently come up with a Maintenance Strategy. This strategy takes into account their business objectives, how long they would like to support the product, expected support volumes and the level of investment they are planning to make.

Based on this, we put together a team that has the requisite expertise and at the same time matches the budgetary constraints. This outsourced team works with our Clients product teams to take over their code base with or without extensive documentation and subsequently maintain it for the life of the product.


Engagement models

We have developed a few engagement models on which support and maintenance services are provided:

32_monthMonthly Retainer Model

i-CTC provides a team of resources with varied skills to its customers on a monthly retained model. The team consists of support engineers, and a client manager. This is best suited for large products, with many customers. We also provide email and phone support services in such cases.


32_annual-contractAnnual Maintenance Contract

AMC - This engagement model comes with a fixed fee per annum, the cost is based on the product and covers various levels of support scenarios (ensure the portal is up and running, system administration, bug-fixing, etc)


32_flexible-modelFlexible / Hybrid Model

A few of our clients have asked for a hybrid of AMC and Monthly retainer. i-CTC is very flexible on these engagements, and wants to make it a win-win sustainable arrangement for both itself and the customer.