CMS deployment and development

32_cmsContent Management Systems (CMS)

Most commercial websites use content management systems to enable site owners to add and maintain website content - copy, images, promotions, offers, and landing pages. These tools are similar to those found in a word processor, require no advanced HTML or programming skills, and help organize the extensive amount of content found in a typical website.

We offer personalized CMS services that meet the evolving demands and trends of today's e-business. We have developed a diversified range of CMS solutions utilizng varying technologies (.NET, PHP, opensource, etc) for our clients worldwide. Prior to developing a CMS solution for you we will consult with you to identify your CMS needs and then offer a CMS solution tailor-made to your specific business needs. Our expert and experienced developers, from the selection of a CMS solution to the strategic deployment of the CMS solution, will work to develop the best CMS for you to capitalize on the benefits most valuable to your website and business.

At i-CTC, our goal is not only to effectively develop, deploy and maintain content rich websites but also to remove the need for ongoing, high-priced website maintenance. By hearing about our CMS experience and previous successful CMS implementations, you can be confident in our ability to accept and deliver even the most complicated projects.

With our CMS solutions, we serve clients from diverse industries including:

  • E-commerce Sites
  • Intranets and Client Extranets
  • Corporate Websites
  • Community and Social Networking sites
  • Blog & Forum sites
  • Government & Non-profit Organizational Websites
  • Interactive Web Applications

Learn why our CMS solutions are the best for your business:

  • We know CMS, and have implmented and customized the vast majority of available CMS solutions
  • We offer ready-to-use, customized and top notch solutions at optimum prices
  • We create, edit and deploy CMS solutions which make content management easy for you
  • We are here to give you most applicable solution, which absolutely fits the needs of your business
  • We offer solutions that help reduce the costs of site maintenance, thus increase your site's efficiency
  • We assist and train you in the deployment of content that does not require professional assistance, you can do it with ease on your own
  • We assure high return on investment