Icon Design

Custom icon design is one area where i-CTC's graphics designers excel. We have many years of experience in this field and always strive for perfect results. We design beautiful icons of any size and style. All of the icons we create are unique and tailored exclusively for a client.



32_what-we-do-in-icon-designWhat we do in this field

  • develop icons for toolbars, application icons and web-icons;
  • create characters;
  • design custom illustrations;
  • create additional graphics for applications and web sites.


32_what-does-icon-process-look-likeWhat does the process look like

  • We will initially brainstorm with you to establish and define a theme, concept or metaphor for your icons (in cases where you don’t have a clear idea of what you are looking for).
  • Sketches. At this stage we work with you to determine and approve the general appearance of icons (objects which they will consist of, their relative positions, viewpoint, perspectives, etc).
  • Rendering.


32_iconic-languageDesigning an iconic language

Our experience led us to formulating the following two rules-of-thumb:

  • Before drawing an icon you need to elaborate its image very carefully.
  • If you need to create several icons, you need to conceptually determine the imagery and concept for the whole set of icons before proceeding with illustrating activities.


The first rule is rather obvious, the second — may evoke some questions. However, our experience has proven that ignoring this rule normally leads to wasted time and non-optimal outcomes. The unarguable advantage of this method lies in the ease of extending the set of icons once new functions appear in the application. Sometimes the best option is combining the existing elements, while othertimes new elements are required. Regardless, the visual interface language remains integral and consistent provided the authors continue to adhere to the previously established rules of the visual grammar.