Interface prototyping and design

32_interface-designInterface design

Whether it be a website or a web or mobile application, the creation process begins with interface design.

i-CTC creates information-rich websites and human interfaces for your software solution. Human inteface is the most progressive area of commercial design. It ultimately determines the success or failure of today’s high-tech products.

We are great at delivering complex and rich information in formats that help to effectively communicate and translate complex data into easy to understand interfaces. We create modern designs to meet our client’s business needs, while avoiding ambiguity, wordiness and visual clutter. The beauty of interface design is born through careful work with both form and content. We apply our design principles to all mediums: be that a web page, a mobile phone interface or a piece of printed collateral.



Prototyping is a method we utilize in the early stages of development to validate and refine the usability of a system. This method can be used to quickly and inexpensively evaluate user-interface designs without the need for an expensive working model. This can help to remove many of the typical barriers associated with design changes, since it is implemented before any real programming begins.

It is often difficult for designers to conduct usability tests with the exact system being designed. Cost, size and design constraints often make prototyping the ideal solution when these considerations are important. Instead of creating a completed system, the designer may test different sections of the system, thus making several small models of each component of the system.