Landing page design

A landing page is exactly what the name implies... a page where a prospect or interested party lands online (a destination URL). These pages almost always include a lead capture form, or an e-commerce back end.

There are two types of landing pages:

  • Reference - Present relevant information to the consumer (oftentimes these become transactional).
  • Transactional - persuades a visitor to complete a specific transaction.


Landing Pages as described above are often tied to Google AdWords campaigns, Press Releases, Social Marketing, Tweets, Blog posts, etc to raise awareness and drive traffic. The message being presented combined with the imagery and strategy behind the offer will determine the landing page’s success. For this reason the design and messaging of your landing page is essential.


32_landing-page-whyWhy do you need a Landing Page Design & Template?

Almost everything a business or an organization does is about provoking an action or eliciting a response. This action could be a donation, a membership, a purchase, a request for quote, request a meeting, get an email newsletter, download a guide, etc. If you are not using landing pages and interactive forms to encourage these actions, you are missing an incredible opportunity to attract, promote and capture leads.

Landing Pages can be designed to promote a specific event, offer, sale or even a simple engagement action. They can be tied to online advertising campaigns, social networks, search results, blogs, reference sites, and so on... they are quickly becoming one of the most powerful marketing and conversion tools used today.


32_landing-page-designOur Landing Page Design Services

Landing page designs can be very simple or very complex, and can include creative services such as persuasive copywriting, visual direction and advertising strategy. Our services in this area include:

  • Custom design within your existing landing page template
  • Image Search
  • Custom call to action button design
  • Messaging and Content Optimization
  • Coding inside of Drupal (or other) CMS or HTML
  • Testing in IE 6,7,8 and Firefox