Project recovery

If you're experiencing large project time and/or cost overruns, unhappy with the quality of deliverables or finding communication with your team difficult, then you might want to consider our project recovery services.

When a project is failing to meet the expectations of the business or key stakeholders sometimes you need a 3rd party to help get the project back on track. Project recovery is the process in which a project is brought back into alignment with its goals with as little impact on the project budget and schedule as possible.



32_project-recovery-deliveryHow we deliver

Projects can fail for several reasons, including poorly defined and understood requirements, unrealistic schedules, inappropriate staffing, excessive change during development, poor quality work and the reliance on 'Silver Bullets'.

To address budget and schedule overruns, it's important to enter the project recovery phase as soon as possible.


32_project-recovery-approachOur approach

When engaged to help recover a project our task is to:

  • Take control and manage
  • Re-establish the goals
  • Identify the issues and bottlenecks
  • Replan for reality
  • Reset expectations
  • Implement, monitor and review
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate