Quality assurance and Testing

To help our clients have an understanding of current progress and specification equivalence we provide an external testing team for independent results as part of our development projects and as a separate service.


Code inspection by experienced developers provides insight into impending problems, security issues and correctness of technology consumption. Performance and stress testing shows speed and stability of applications within specific parameters and predicts how well the application matches target metrics of scalability. Automatics are another option we offer which can greatly reduce the human resource requirements for a quality assurance process, this is a very effective approach if you are a client with a generic system with lots of user interfaces.

As part of this service we offer the following:

  • Black and White box testing
  • Performance, scalability and stress testing
  • Configuration testing
  • Security testing
  • Automatic and module test implementation


32_stress-testingLoad/Stress/Performance Testing

Testing the performance of your web application by simulating high load, and providing useful result metrics such as "Max Concurrent Users", "Page Load Time" and "Memory & processor usage". 


32_requirement-testingBusiness/Functional Requirement Testing

Complete testing of your software application or providing specialists to assist in the testing activities, from the test planning state to test case execution and reporting.


32_cross-browserCross Browser/Cross Platform Testing

Testing your product on a variety of combinations of operating systems, browsers, hardware & possibly databases. A state-of-the-art Virtual Machine Platform is used to create such combinations, saving you from significant hardware/software investments.


32_test-automationTest Automation

Automating the test case execution saves significant effort in testing each build & release of a product manually. Needless to say, the cost savings can be huge for product companies if they move to test automation.