Re-engineering and Porting

Today technologies and platforms become obsolete faster than anything else, in order to stay ahead of the competition and avail the benefits of the latest technological advancements it becomes increasingly important for ISVs and enterprises to migrate / re-engineer their products or business applications.


i-CTC's product re-engineering offering helps our clients retain their competitiveness in the market by re-creating their existing products with contemporary technologies thereby helping save costs associated with training an in-house team or hiring an altogether new set of people. The outsourced team is first trained on the functionality of the old version in order to carry forward, the same essence of the re-engineered product.


32_5-benefits5 Key Benefits

Product Re-engineering is an important activity reflecting a company's ongoing commitment towards its customer base. But at the same time it is a time-taking activity which needs careful planning and optimization between what's already available and what needs to be built. Outsourcing this activity to i-CTC can provide your company the following benefits:

  • Minimize dependency
    Minimize dependency on resources working on legacy technologies - resources that are hard to get and costly to maintain.
  • Protect your investment
    Protect your investment & brand name, with your product-line
  • Reduce the cost-to-company
    Reduce cost-to-company associated with the development of the product
  • Retain your customers
    Retain your customers by offering better functionality in contemporary technologies
  • Keep management overhead low
    Keep management overhead to a minimum & your team's attention focused on customer-facing activities