Web design

Your Website has five seconds to establish trust, present value, and demonstrate credibility. Five seconds in which your prospects will unconsciously answer the following questions:

  • Can I trust this company?
  • Does this company offer excellent value?
  • Is this company a credible source as a supplier for what I need?


It’s critical that you invest in a web design that instantly builds trust, value, and credibility in the eyes of your prospects, clients, suppliers and partners.  Whether you are a sole proprietor, a small business group or a corporation, a well designed web site is crucial for being able to reach your customers without delays, update them with your news, advertise new products, and be available for them 24 -7.  By having your web site developed professionally, you can boost your profits and reach your target audience. Nowadays, media advertising has largely shifted towards the internet, and that is why it's important to effectively leverage the full power of this channel.

i-CTC can provide you with custom development and programming solutions, fitted specifically for your website. If you need a custom-made, unique and flawlessly working website to advertise your products and services, we can find the perfect answer for your business.  We specialize in organizing and developing your web content utilizing multiple technologies including client side (Ajax, JavaScript, Flash) and server side (Linux, MS, .NET, Apache, MySQL, PHP) coding.  Other areas of expertise include E-commerce development, the modification and development of existing CMS (Content Management Software), web applications and software, and we specialize in the creation of unique custom CMS solutions according to your individual needs. We also provide maintenance and website support services, managing your content and fixing problems.

We analyze and find the best-working and affordable solutions for you, offering you professional advice on how to develop your site to be more successful, more profitable and more accessible to the world.


32_what-included-in-web-designWhat is included

  • Discovery, Research, and Marketing Consulting: In this critical phase we learn about you - your business strategy, your goals, your industry.  We will then research competitors and trends and develop and plan an online sales strategy, set conversion goals, develop a lead nurturing plan, and educate you throughout the process.  We want you to make the best informed decision throughout this process.
  • Content collection and review: We will assist you in determining the best methods for generating and publishing relevant and compelling content to drive your sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Visual direction, home page layout, structure & style
  • Design of interactive elements
  • Navigation planning and design
  • CSS coding
  • Interactive menu design
  • Page content design
  • Form design
  • Backgrounds and special effects
  • Typography
  • Internal and external ads
  • Calls to action (CTAs)
  • All graphics prepared for CMS implementation
  • Alpha and Beta testing
  • Launch
  • Support