Web services integration


32_web-services-integrationWeb Services Integration

Web Integration is the process of leveraging the full potential of your web presence by connecting to services found on the web. Examples of services used in web integrations include Google Search, news feeds (RSS) and data feeds. By accessing information from these services you can use it, and present it, as a single cohesive form to the user.

Web integration often involves joining disconnected silos of information found on different web sites into a single website for the user to view. Good examples of this are the comparison sites which offer 'an entire market' of insurance quotes, mortgages etc. By using web integration you can offer a greater value add to your customers by providing them with all the information they need in one place, instead of having to use other websites and information sources and potentially losing their business. By using web integration you greatly improve the user experience on your web site which will directly improve the conversion rates of your site visitors into leads.

At i-CTC we have wide experience and deep understanding of using web integration to connect systems and businesses together. We can enable your business to connect to other web systems, adding greater value to your web infrastructure; furthermore we have the knowledge to expose your services for integration by other businesses, thus increasing your audience and revenue base.